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Starroid Raiders

Ladies and gentleman, submitted for your approval (Or disapproval. Either way I don't give a crap), I give you the Starroid Raiders.

So yeah, when I was about three or four years old, I was staying the weekend at my grandparents' place in Tye, TX outside of Abilene. A relative was coming to visit and he stopped by a drugstore on the way up and got me and my older brother these weird, cheap little 3.75" action figures with hollow rubber heads that looked obnoxiously cheesy. The one I got was this green guy with a head that looks like lettuce and my brother got this purple reptilian dude that looked like the lovechild of Jar Jar Binks and Barney the Dinosaur.

I really didn't think much of them back then because I had Star Wars figures that I thought were way cooler. Infact I never gave them much thought from then until recently when I came across one on Ebay a while back while looking for Micronaut figures and it got me a' Googling.

It turns out that these guys were from a line of toys called Starroid Raiders. Now, generic Star Wars wannabe figures were a dime a dozen back then, but these guys have some really out-there designs that I don't think even Pablo Picasso could come up without the help of hallucenogens.

They are just so weirdly charming, I had to start my own collection, pictured above. From left to right; Newt, Wag (AKA Barney Binks), Yugon, Tior, and Aton. Though, sadly, I still can't find my long lost lettuce-headed Toko ;_;.

So far, my favorite has to be Tior. He looks like someone gene spliced a Tusken Raider with Lil' Orphan Orange.
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