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Starroid Raider Wag for auction

So I'm selling a restored Starroid Raiders Wag figure on Ebay.

Up for auction is a vintage Tomland Starroid Raiders Wag figure. He was originally in rather shabby well-played-with condition, with the paint of his eyes rubbed off and the plastic around his collar broken (broken collar being a common occurance in recent years with Starroid figures). I took him to a friend who is an ace at restoring vintage action figures and managed to make him almost as good as new with a reconstructed collar, eyes painted to match the vintage toy, and a plastic adhesive cover over his chest sticker to prevent any further damage to the sticker. He's not perfect, as you can tell where some of the repairs have been made, but it's in as good condtion as you can ask for a 32-year-old toy. He comes with the orange ray gun pictured in the auction.
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