Popples for Sale

Hi everyone! I have some Popples I was thinking about selling, and I thought I might try doing it in these communities since I'm not a huge fan of ebay. Would people be interested in them? I figured I would check before I posted a bunch info/pictures, since so many LJ communities are dead these days. Please let me know!
Usagi camera stars

Rainbow Brite Emotions Starlight up on ebay right now

Hi there :) I have a few auctions up on ebay right now, including an increadibly hard to find Emotions brand plush from the early 80's of Rainbow Brite's horse "Starlite."  Bidding is pretty low at $15.50 currently. The auction ends in 3 days and 10 hours from now.


I also have some Pleasant Company Era Doll outfits for Samantha and other Just Like You ( Girl of Today / My American Girl Dolls ) for sale too. Please take a look! I combine shipping and will ship anywhere in the world.


Sales post!

Hi there!
I found this and I wonder if there's any of you interested! Some Jem and the Holograms dolls, NRFB (though the box is a bit damaged), from Spain, including a casette and some accessories, 50€ (64$) + shipping costs (depending on location):


Pizzaz from The Misfits:

Stormer from The Misfits:

If you're interested, or need more pics or info, please contact me! Thanks for looking!